Xterifast XF-100 Vacuum Sterilizer

Xterifast is a low-temperature sterilization equipment based on 100% ethylene oxide.

Dynamic: Completes a sterilization and aeration cycle in less than half the time of other equipment.

Efficient: Prolongs the life of the instruments, since it works at low temperatures of 50°C, does not require steam injections and does not use high pressure, all sides and surfaces are sterilized.

Safe: It has a system of electrical protection.

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Xterifast XF-100 Vacuum Sterilizer Features:

  • Complete a sterilization cycle in 6 hours
  • 7” touch screen user-friendly interface
  • Chamber volume of 54 L
Xterifast XF-100 Advantages
  • Designed for sterilization of thermosensitive devices
  • Provides technology with a high level of safety and the best ease to use
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Complete process of sterilization and aeration in the same chamber
  • No vacuum lines required
Xterifast XF-100 Sterilizer Equipment by Ethylene Oxide is perfect for:
  • Delicate fiber optic systems
  • Instruments with electronic components
  • Medical devices
  • Plastic and rubber elements