Sutumesh Pro (Polypropylene + PGA + PCPL)


New surgical meshes Sutumed Pro are made with polypropylene (nonabsorbable material) and PGA – polyglycolic acid more PCL – Polycaprolactone (absorbable material).

  • With absorption polyglycolic acid through hydrolysis process performed by the body, is the polypropylene mesh whose structure is designed to withstand physiological stresses.
  • This degradation of PGA – PCL produce a mesh with the lightest market (30 g/ m2) and good tensile strength (kgf 32).
  • General Surgery Hernias and eventration
  • High tensile strength with the least amount of foreign body in the patient (30g / m2).
  • Excellent flexibility after absorption (soft and lightweight mesh).
  • Better integration of tissue due to large pores.