SutuGEN (Natural Collagen Suture)


  • Flexibility and humidity persist after several hours of environment exposure.
  • Filling solution is not require any more.
  • Increased tensile strength on tests.
Advantage and Benefits of Suture
  • Our fluid-less collagen suture receives a neutral pH treatment preventing degradation in the package, and increasing its flexibility.
  • This unique blend offers a smoother suturing experience, with no memory on the thread.
  • The absorption process is set in motion upon contact with the sutured tissue, and is completed after 90 days.
  • Tensile strength holds for 18-21 days.
  • Made from the highest natural collagen fibers, purified and interlaced specialty for medical grade specifications.
  • Available options with chromic acid salts treatment or plain.
Other features of Suture
  • Natural collagen fibers.
  • Thread size: from 6/0 to 5 USP.
  • Length: from 18″ (45 cm) to 60″ (150 cm)
  • Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.
  • Boxes with 12 or 36 units.