SutuCRYL MONO + (Antibacterial Polyglecaprone)


  • Absorbable suture (polyglecaprone).
  • Monofilament thread.
  • Glycolic fact copolymer and epsilon caprolactone.
  • The absorption of this suture is complete within 120 days being absorbed by hydrolysis.

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Advantage and Benefits of Suture

  • Packaging ensures product sterility.
  • Siliconized needles allowing a minimum tissue trauma.
  • Certified Tensile Strenght.
  • Uniform strand preventing tissue drag.
  • Softness, flexibility and elasticity that facilitates the use and concretion knots.

Other feature of Sutures

  • Polyglecapronethread is available in violet color and colorless.
  • Thread size: from 5/0 to 1 USP.
  • SterilizedbyEthylene Oxide.
  • Boxes with 12 or 36 units.

Recommended procedures

  • Suture soft tissue.
  • Ligature.
  • Peritoneum.
  • Uterus.
  • Vagina.
  • Skin.


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