Assorted Training Kit Basic


For training purposes only

Everything you need to practice different suture techniques

IMPROVE your techniques!

This comprehensive kit features essential surgical instruments ideal for both emergency situations and medical students honing their techniques. Crafted from premium surgical steel, each instrument ensures durability and precision. Explore the detailed list below to discover everything you need to master the art of suturing.

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This Assorted Training Kit Basic Includes:

Non-Absorbable Sutures (0, 2/0, 3/0)


Open only the necessary sutures. With gentle traction, straighten the sutures. Do not squeeze them, do not rub them, and do not pull the needles sharply. Do not squeeze or tighten the suture threads with surgical instruments.


Keep away from the reach of children and do not use as a toy. Sutumed corporation or any affiliate are not responsible for any incidents ot accidents due to negligence or misuse of this product.


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