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    Absorbables and Non Absorbables surgical sutures

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    Siliconized needles providing reduced tissue penetration force

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    U-FILO TECHNOLOGY - Provides appropriate behavior causing minimal tissue reaction

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    Individual quality control guarantee the requirements of the surgeons

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  • General Details:  SutuCRYL is the brand of Polyglactin manufacturer by SUTUMED.The Polyglactin is a synthetic absorbable, multifilament sterile suture that meets the requirements established by the USP. Polyglactin is composed by one poli (glicolide-co-l-lactide) 90-10 and coated in poli (glycolide-co-l-lactide) 30-70 calcium stearate. It degrades by...

  • General Details SutuCRYL is the brand of Polyglactin manufacturer by SUTUMED. Antibacterial Polyglactin is a synthetic absorbable, multifilament sterile suture that meets the requirements established by the USP. Antibacterial Poliglactin is composed by one poli (glicolide-co-l-lactide) 90-10 and coated in poli (glycolide-co-l-lactide) 30-70 calcium...

  • General Details:  PDO (II) is the brand of polydioxanone suture manufacturer by SUTUMED. Polydioxanone (PDO) is a synthetic, absorbable, monofilament, sterile, suture that meets all USP requirements, except for oversized diameter that is according to Brithish Pharmacopea. Its component by the polimer of polydioxanone. The absorption of the suture is...

  • General Details:  SutuCRYL MONO is the brand of Unicryl Polyglecaprone manufacturer by SUTUMED. Unicryl Polyglecaprone is a synthetic, absorbable, monofilament surgical suture made from the copolymers of glycolide and e-caprolactone (PGCL). The product is sterilized by ethylene oxide. Its degradation is by hydrolysis that made that the polymer became in...

  • General Details:  SutuLON is the brand of nylon surgical sutures manufactured by SUTUMED Corp. Nylon sutures are also known as polyamide polymer. It is flexible for easy handling of specialists.  Also are remarkably smooth, soft and provide excellent knot security. These sutures do not contain irritating substances or impurities for optimal tissue...

  • General Details:  The SutuSILK is the brand of silk sutures manufactured by SUTUMED Corp. Silk sutures are non-absorbable coated and braided sutures. Silk sutures are specially treated with silicone to give strength and soften the surface, which provides an easy passage through the tissues. It characterizes by its facility of handling, admitting the...

  • General Details:  Our surgical sutures are made of high quality supplies from Europe. It is used in interventions that require great resistance, such as in the fastening of the abdominal wall, cardiothoracic surgery. (2) It is extraordinarily inert in tissue and has been found to retain tensile strength for up to two years in vivo. (2) "Buy Sutures...

  • General Reconstructive Procedures: ARTERIAL: Term Suture - Lateral Term Suture - Terminal Lateral Arterial Suture. VENOUS ANASTOMOSIS NERVOUS MICROSURGERY: Epineural, Perineural, Epi-Perineural ARTERIAL INTERVENTION INJERSES: Endovenous.Reconstructive Procedures: ARTERIAL, VENOUS ANASTOMOSIS, NERVOUS MICROSURGERY, ARTERIAL INTERVENTION INJURIES. "Buy...

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Was founded in 1998, now we are selling medical devices in more than 40 countries. Also our company is a suture manufacturer USA, and focused primarily on the manufacturing and development of synthetic absorbable and non absorbable suture designed for all surgical specialties and Healthcare markets. And we apply our vast experience and knowledge in develop Ophthalmic Sutures, Microsurgery Sutures, Orthopedic Sutures, Dental Sutures and Cardiovascular Sutures and medical device.
Our plant that is a suture manufacturer in USA and has the estandar requiriment from the World Health Organization, Good Manufacter Practice & ISO. We can produce around 2 millions surgical sutures per month.
We are certificated by prestigious certification bodies, like CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, FDA Cleared Absorbables Sutures, FDA Cleared Non Absorbables Sutures and others.